Spring 2021

Organization of a conference on social behavior in rodents in Alicante, October 7th-8th of 2021. See new tab presenting this event. Call for travel awards to be announced.

Fall 2020

New position as principal investigator of the cognition and social behavior laboratory at the Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante.

Oliva A, Fernández-Ruiz A, Leroy F, Siegelbaum SA. Hippocampal CA2 sharp-wave ripples reactivate and promote social memory. Nature 2020 Nov;587(7833):264-269. PMID: 32968277

Summer 2020

Recipient of a starting investigator grant from the European Research Council to study the neural circuits regulating motivated behaviors and particularly social interactions. Press release here and here.

Recipient of a CIDEGENT grant from the Generalitat Valencia. Press release here.

Recipient of a HALLAS-MØLLER emerging investigator grant from the NOVO-NORDISK foundation (declined).

Recipient of a Ramon y Cajal grant (declined).

December 2019

December 9th: Invited speaker at the University of Edinburgh

December 18th: Invited speaker at the Cajal Institute, Madrid

December 19-20th: Invited speaker at the Neuroscience institute of Alicante. Awarded for best oral presentation

October 2019

Attending the Society for neuroscience meeting in Chicago. I will present a poster entitled: VIP neurons support CA2 input-timing dependent plasticity and social memory in hippocampal CA2 region

Attending the Columbia University post-doc symposium. I will present a poster entitled: VIP neurons in hippocampal CA2 support input-timing dependent plasticity and social memory through enkephalin release.

September 2019

Recipient of the NARSAD Young investigator grant from the Brain and Behavior foundation.

June 2019

Attending the Spring hippocampal meeting in Taormina. I will give a talk entitled: Divergent hippocampal CA2 circuits to control social memory or social aggression.